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Chronicles of Predjama Castle: Walk through History's Secrets

Part -2 of story based exploration. To read first part of the story read from this link: Part-1

..... and the story continues...

Standing at the Postojna cave entrance, he faced two options: a 45-minute to 1-hour walk or finding transport, as there was no public transport between the locations. With only 3 hours before their bus back to Ljubljana and to catch the next bus to Bled, walking wasn't viable. He chose against it, surprising and pleasing her. Checking with the cave’s ticket counter, they suggested their cab service, albeit pricey. Attempting to save money, he approached different groups/couples also visiting the castle. Unfortunately, some were walking or unwilling to share. Despite the setback, they booked the pricey cab and set off. The quick 15-minute countryside drive was amazing. Dropping them at the castle parking, it was another 10-minute walk, but they couldn't see the castle due to a curved road and a hotel blocking the view. As they crossed the hotel and looked up towards the castle, they momentarily froze. The castle’s white walls reflected a shade of yellow from the sun.


As they approached the castle, their excitement grew. The serene surroundings enveloped them, adding to the anticipation. They marvelled at the narrow road leading to the castle, surrounded by lush greenery and majestic mountains. The cave above the castle seemed mammoth. The entrance gate welcomed them with associates offering an audio guide, free of charge. Excitedly, they accepted the device, eager to delve deeper into the castle's history. It was a thoughtful gesture, sparing their expenses. With the audio guide in hand, they ventured inside, ready to explore every nook and cranny of the castle.

Predjama castle, Slovenia
Predjama Castle


Upon touching the castle walls, they appeared like any other fortress but as they looked up, they seemed to ascend infinitely. The entrance gate, seemingly fit for David, could easily accommodate Goliath. Plugging in the audio guide, they were transported into the castle's history, each step revealing its secrets and significance.


As they delved deeper, the guide illuminated the castle's complexity, with hidden passages and storerooms capable of sustaining its inhabitants for years. Erasmus of Lueg's defiance against the royalty and subsequent siege were narrated vividly, portraying a saga of courage and betrayal. Despite the encirclement, the castle's ingenious secret passage ensured survival, allowing for the clandestine transport of essential supplies and reinforcements.


Erasmus's unfortunate demise, trapped within his lavatory by treachery, added a touch of tragic irony to the castle's history. His lavatory became an unexpected symbol of his downfall, immortalized in the annals of the fortress. As they progressed and explored every nook, he smirked upon reaching the lavatory. It amused him to see its location outside the room, overlooking the vastness in front of the castle.


Throughout their exploration, the castle transformed from a mere structure of stone into a living chronicle of human resilience and folly. Each stone seemed to whisper tales of triumph and tragedy, leaving them in awe of its enduring legacy.


As they emerged from the depths of the castle, their minds filled with its rich history, they couldn't help but gape at the ingenuity of its builders and the resilience of its inhabitants. The castle had transcended its physical form, becoming a timeless symbol of human endeavour against all odds.


The castle has undergone numerous renovations since the war, attempting to restore it to its original glory. They continued exploring, feeling as if they were going down a rabbit hole with no end in sight. They learned about night-time group expeditions further into the castle caves but had to skip them due to time constraints.


Exiting the castle, they reminisced about their time there, still not feeling content. Reluctantly, they started walking towards the taxi point. He walked backwards, gazing at the castle in backdrop. Suddenly, she pulled him onto a beaten path, leading to a wooden cabin resembling a marketplace. Inside, the earthy smell evoked the golden era of the castle. They exchanged nostalgic notes, imagining the dances and gatherings of yesteryears. They decided to capture the moments. Due to presence of ambient sunlight, pictures came out aesthetically appealing. Slowly, they returned to the pickup point.

In front of PRedjama castle
Aesthetically appealing 😊

While waiting for the chariot, they took one last look at the castle, feeling its heavenly aura. Sitting in the cab, they exchanged glances, smiling at each other and at the castle one last time. In words, it was just a castle and a cave, but to them, it was a cherished memory in their hearts.

Story ends, journey continues....


Thank you for reading our Predjama castle chronicles till the very end. We hope you are going back happy after reading through. We would love to hear your opinion on the story, and your reading experience. Please leave a comment or drop us a message. Thank you 😊



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