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Hidden Gems of Kashmir

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Aharbal / Yousmarg: Kashmir’s Niagra falls and Meadow of Jesus

So far you have covered must-visit places and though choices to visit are endless. If you have additional days or someplace you do not want to cover from the previously provided details, Checkout these options as well:

Both Aharbal and Yousmarg are in the same direction, but we observed taxi drivers can take you to one of them only. Maybe if you negotiate and plan better they may agree to cover both. We also heard Doodhpathri is also a good option however our taxi operator had no idea about the place so we had to completely drop that option.

We went ahead with Aharbal waterfall as we had covered a lot of valleys already.

Reaching Aharbal

Aharbal waterfall is again a 2 – 2:30 hr drive from Srinagar and crosses the ancient Mughal Road (Road from Srinagar to Delhi) which was used for commuting in the Mughal era. If you go through Aharbal waterfall videos on youtube, you will find this place irresistible as it makes you wonder if there is such a place, why everyone is not talking about this place. Aharbal is very beautiful when there is a good snowfall, otherwise, it is a "good to visit" place and not a "must visit" place.

From parking lot to the actual waterfall, there are good 200-300 steps you have to cover. You will find two “shahi” streams or natural spring streams which are drinking water streams with medicinal effects.

Once you are near to Aharbal waterfall, you will observe how splendidly the Veshu river is cutting across and leaving behind this out-of-the-world landscape. With its clean, sparkly water, it just attracts you to take a dive and emerge as one with the water. You can easily spend around 2-3 hours here as it provides the perfect “picnic” spot.

Another option : Yousmarg

Moving to the other choice, Yousmarg, though we did not get time to visit this place, however, our research showed that Yousmarg is on similar lines as Sonamarg and provides scenic background that you come across in postcards and paintings. Unfortunately, we don’t have details for you to offer and if you are interested in Yousmarg, you may want to rely on other information sources.

That concludes our journey to locations around Srinagar, so the next stop will be the crown of Kashmir, Srinagar.

Read about other places from following link:


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