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Greece: Commonalities of Mykonos

Greek island journey starts with the top name on the list - Mykonos

Mykonos and Santorini are the two most popular Greek islands in India, if there is a reference to Greece, then Mykonos will surely pop up in that discussion.

Mykonos has two sides of the coin, on one side is a calm, serene take on the day where you relax and roam around the “blue” warmth of the Greek houses and close-knit market, and on the other side of the coin is its nightlife where you spend time in some of the best party and “hip” joints which infuses energy and bubbliness no matter age factor. We never expected discs to be so magnetic that one feels bad leaving the place even at 2 or 3 in the night.

If someone tells you that Greek sunsets are magical, it cannot be farther than the truth. People line up on the beach shore to have a glimpse of sunset like waiting for a genie to fulfill their wishes. Usually, sunset is around six and people start occupying the best seats of the house right from mid-afternoon, and that too in shoulder season when the crowd is expected to be thinner.

Mykonos markets are full of souvenir shops and artistic cafes offering all varieties of dishes as per your taste buds. Little Venice of Greece, Old churches, and windmills are very closely knitted and powered with aromatic flavors making perfectly magical evenings when roaming in narrow lanes.

Any island visit is incomplete without a dip and swims in the Aegean sea, fortunately, our property offered private beach access and a calm sea making it mandatory to swim to your heart’s content. We wrapped up Mykonos on a high and it raised our expectation bar quite high.

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