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Greece : Detoxifying Folegandros

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Everything that happens on travel need not necessarily be good or enjoyable. You must be prepared for adversities when traveling and one such tragedy stuck when we were island hopping.

Ideally, our next stop Folegandros, was expectedly a four-hour journey by ferry however the ferry operators decided to take an elongated eight to nine hours route and when we were supposed to spend the afternoon sipping hot coffee, I was fighting with my seasickness and it was late in the evening when we reached Folegandros. Thankfully, in time to catch public transport bus in nick of time. When life gives you lemons, you keep seasickness at bay for the whole day and try to have a peaceful dinner and a good night's sleep.

The next day was a day planned with beaches, with time spent on most peaceful islands with next to nothing crowd. It is highly recommended that apart from Mykonos / Santorini do pick at least one island (actually any other island apart from these two) to have a quiet, peaceful time with your companions and more importantly with yourself. Folegandros' unique proposition was the location of its beaches on the other side of the hills that required trekking. We spend our afternoon hopping from one beach to another, trekking all the way and enjoying a good read and quick swim occasionally.

The evening was well spent while watching the sunset from the Church of Panagia, Folegandros located at a height that requires a short trek and it gets a little chilly. It was a positive gamble as it set a perfect tone for the evening left a smiling note for the trip. All the Greek islands have closely knit native residences, markets, and restaurants, and Folegandros being a comparatively small island, the overall living spread was less making it easier to explore along and inside the circumference. We had plans for Scuba diving however, the weather betrayed us and we had to drop out at the behest of our instructor.

At times you will come across places that will connect with you as soon as you step, for us Folegandros was one of them. A perfect picture of lanes marked with white houses, blue and green doors, and pink bougainvillea decorating the scene is still fresh in our memories reminding us of Folegandros.

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