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Greece: Dine and Wine options

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Food is a gray area and a matter of personal choice for everyone.

My struggle is being vegetarian and picky when it comes to food. Our failsafe plan always is to carry Ready to Eat food packets from India. Today MTR, Haldiram’s packed food list is huge and there is no end to it. Even bread like Naan, Rotis, and Paranthas are easily available. In terms of bread, you can leverage tortillas as well, they taste similar and work well in an emergency.

Apart from carrying food, croissants and coffee make a brilliant munching combination which is very easily available in European nations.

Our find of the trip was Greek Salad, we are so hooked up on Greek Salad that even today it has become part of the weekly breakfast routine. Greek Salad with potato fries on the side appeared frequently on our lunch menu throughout our trip.

Some of the restaurants that we explored and found publish worthy are:

Athens and Corinth:

  • Efcharis, Athina: Vibes and food are undoubtedly “exquisite” when it comes to restaurants in Europe. Efcharis’ pizza and pasta, are something to crave for. There are many chains in the vicinity and we are sure you will find something that hits your palate at the right chords.

  • Thiseio Bakery: When it comes to fresh croissants, cookies and it was a delight to have some hot and fresh croissants late in the evening with a cup of coffee

  • Café Gardenia, Loutraki-Agioi: This place gives similar vibes as of a countryside diner as shown in Hollywood movies. We went ahead with the easiest option that is Greek salad and it was one of the best Greek Salads we had and the team was super friendly and supportive.


There is no end to food options in Mykonos. Evening in Mykonos, unquestionably, must be near the west coast with windmills of Mykonos. Every second outlet is a restaurant and bar. Our preference was an open-air meal so we opted for Niko’s tavern, food was of our liking, remember picky and veg.

To satisfy your sweet buds, there are multiple gelatos, crepes outlets in the vicinity. Do try Trio Bambini for ultimate gelato or crepe.

Nightlife: I am not inclined towards night parties, and found no connection whatsoever. Accidentally, we found there is a nightlife Paradise beach which is a never miss in Mykonos, so we thought before wrapping up the day why not try it out. That one moment in which we decided to give it a shot was one of the best travel decisions. There are multiple restaurants & bars in the vicinity, but spontaneously we went to Tropicana Beach Bar (actually, we went ahead with the least crowded :P). That one moment when you don’t want to dance, yet your feet move on their own. Music is not just going to the brain, it is moving in veins just like oxygen. Our only reason to visit Mykonos is just because of this experience.

More than the food you will enjoy the ambiance, freshness, and breezy environment. You will surely struggle to choose for your tummy fulfillment.


After night high @Mykonos, Folegandros was a pleasant surprise. Starry night, soothing lights, low humming music, food that is smooth on the palate. You can make a trade for such dinner before a blink of an eye.

As you enter the main market, there is an ensemble of restaurants, and sitting arrangements look like a commonplace for all. But that‘s not the case, there is a demarcation that is invisible to the naked eye of a common man.

We tried The Coupon (Greek name conversion) this time and we were not disappointed. By that time our taste buds had fully adapted to Greek food, and the icing on the top was the staff and their courteousness, they recommended some of the best dishes in veg they were offering (of course Greek salad was one of them)

Another restaurant worth a meal is Restaurant Melissa, again in the same ensemble.


As we stayed a little far from the main center our food options are a little off-route from the main places.

Crepaki Santorini: The food fragrance and the sitting arrangement pulled us right from the road. The host prepared a lovely meal for us keeping our food preferences in mind. Our food journey here was completed with an amazing waffle in the end.

Nick the Grill: First time we tried outside our comfort zone and what better than Nick the Grill. Pita wraps, sticks, burgers you name it. The food was so great that we went for another round.

Erotokritos, German Bakery: This is the truest form of bakery that we have tried in a foreign land. The amazing thing was it was open as early as 4 AM. We cannot express in words how amazing the croissants were. We felt so content and ate till our heart's desire.

In the end, it is worth mentioning that food options at Athens International Airport are good as well. In case, you are in a hurry and need a quick bite, do try without a second thought.

So much food discussion leads to cravings. Till the time you go through all other blogs on Greece, I’ll grab some munchies.


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