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Greece : Closure with Santorini

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Greece pulls you so fast inside that it is very hard to convince yourself that yes trip is coming to an end and its time to go back to the whiteboard and prepare for the next adventure

The next day it was a goodbye day to Folegandros vibe and proceed to Santorini however our ferry was delayed by a few hours and we ended up spending clicking pictures at Folegandros port. Our last pitstop was Santorini. Santorini is an amazing island and it has a lot to offer from pristine black-sand beaches to one of the best sunset views however they all come at a price of having crowd everywhere. I was not wrong when we landed in Santorini. The bus station was nothing short of the Indian Capital bus stop. We struggled for half an hour to locate our bus to the main town. After skipping almost three buses we got seats in one (there were people on board and they had to stand throughout the journey)

As we were in Santorini to catch a flight the next day, there was not much that we could do. We decided to explore the main market and then move to Oia (touted as the best place to watch the sunset in Santorini) and no doubt it had one of the best seats in the whole Aegean group of islands for sunsets.

We started our Santorini tour at noon and visited luxurious hotel chains area along with the main market, exploring Greek delicacies ( mostly it was Greek salad :P) and questioning why Santorini is so popular. If you can spend a little lavishly, I believe Santorini makes a good fit for the bucket list.

Around mid-noon, we were in Oia to find a perfect spot for the sunset and that is when our struggle begin. Greek lanes are so narrow leading to sunset point, it was a horrible experience to move through a huge crowd and we will not exaggerate when we say it was only a level below stampede. As soon as you are on the other side of Oia, the one facing the sea, you learn the whole reason.

Oia’s sun-facing view is a painted canvas with an atypical honeycomb specifically painted white and blue. It truly transpires you into a different domain where everything is peculiarly attractive. In addition to all this, once your concentration breaks, you will see you are not alone and you are one in thousands experiencing the same thing. After struggling efforts and time to find a secluded spot, you will forget about the existence of others, and then it will be just you, sunset and on your back crisscross maze of white buildings, and tint of blue explicitly visible.

Even when the sun has almost paved the way for the moon, it was one of the most difficult things to pick up our ass and move back. We went through the same drill again of moving between huge herds and thinking when will this get over.

Last night in Greek Island was like a dream coming to an end and you don’t feel a penny’s worth to wake up and accept the reality. We had an early morning flight back to the mainland and then a return flight to home though it sounds painful however it led to the discovery of the best fresh croissants that we had in a long time and thanks to one of the best bakeries on Santorini island and special thanks to the owner to provide it as early as four in the morning.

Before we boarded our flight, we welcomed the Aegean sun and paid our respects before moving on to the flight.

I was personally not inclined to visit Greece and I cannot be this much wrong ever in my travel experience and life. Greece now holds a special position for me and I am sure my heart’s content is yet next to empty and craving for more Greek adventure. But this time it will be Mainland, Mykonos, and one more secluded island only. No Santorini for next time.

Till next time!! Sayonara!!

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